Unleash the Power of AI: Why estate agents need ChatGPT 4 in their digital marketing arsenal

Estate agents looking for a game-changing tool to transform their digital marketing campaigns, need to look no further than Chat GPT 4, the latest AI content development tool that has taken the marketing world by storm.

According to Ben Sellers, Brand Director at and co-founder of Starberry, Chat GPT 4 has revolutionised the way estate agents can create compelling content for their digital marketing efforts. With this cutting-edge tool, estate agents can now write a wealth of content types at speed, here are just a few examples of what you can do:

Marketing newsletters – Keep your audience informed and engaged with regular thought-provoking newsletters crafted with the help of AI-powered Chat GPT.

Email automation workflows – Set up email automation workflows that nurture your leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

Blogs – Craft compelling content that resonates with your audience, whether you need a short and snappy blog post or an in-depth article, using AI-powered writing assistance.

Video scripts – Tell a story and showcase your brand’s unique personality with video scripts created with Chat GPT 4’s AI-assisted content generation.

Engaging website copy – Write website copy that’s SEO-friendly and keeps visitors engaged and interested, with the help of AI-powered content creation.

Social media posts – Grab attention and drive engagement with ‘punchy’ social media posts.

But what’s the catch? “Many people may be worried that their jobs are at risk due to this new technology. However, Chat GPT 4’s best results rely on the detail in the brief,” says Sellers. “This means that while it can help you write content faster and more efficiently, it still requires your expertise and input to create truly compelling and effective marketing material.”

He continues, “In fact, Starberry and their estate agent customers are already using Chat GPT 4 to their advantage by feeding in their high search volume target keywords into the briefs. This helps them write SEO-friendly content that attracts more traffic to their websites and generates more leads in great volumes. Previously this wouldn’t be affordable.”

With Chat GPT 4, estate agents can also create a variety of captivating headlines for their email marketing campaigns. “Did you know that 69% of emails are opened solely based on the titles? With Chat GPT 4, you can generate different headlines to AB test through your email software and find the one that has the best open rates,” Sellers comments.

“Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your digital marketing game. Work with companies like lead generation powerhouse Starberry and email marketing and automation wizards BriefYourMarket to develop powerful marketing campaigns and compelling content faster and more efficiently than ever before. The expert team at Starberry can guide you through this revolution in marketing and show you how AI tools can help take your digital marketing campaigns to the next next level,” he concludes.