Transform your estate agency marketing with Geotargeting

Ben Sellers speaks about the benefits of Geotargeting

In the dynamic world of estate agency, staying ahead of the curve is essential to stand out in a competitive market. According to Ben Sellers, Co-Founder of Starberry, part of, one winner of a solution that will empower estate agents across the UK to supercharge their marketing efforts and stand apart is Geotargeting.

“Modern technology has transformed the way businesses interact with their target audiences, and the property sector is no exception. Geotargeting has emerged as a powerful tool that allows estate agents to connect with potential buyers in specific areas, ensuring that their marketing campaigns are not only relevant but also highly effective,” Sellers comments.

He notes that Geotargeting leverages the precise location of potential buyers to deliver tailored marketing messages. “By honing in on a specific geographical area, estate agents can promote properties to individuals who are actively seeking property buying opportunities in those neighbourhoods. This level of personalisation enhances engagement, drives traffic to listings, and increases the likelihood of successful sales,” says Sellers.

He believes that adding Geotargeting elements to the business’s marketing strategy will benefit estate agents in a few ways. “A key benefit is precision targeting, which ensures that your marketing efforts are directed towards individuals who are actively interested in properties within your service areas. Another benefit is enhanced engagement from potential buyers. Personalised messages delivered at the right time and place will lead to higher engagement rates, fostering meaningful interactions between agents and potential buyers,” he comments.

He adds that a targeted approach to marketing will help to ensure that the return on investment is maximised. “By focusing resources on specific areas with higher buyer demand, estate agents can achieve a higher return on investment for their marketing spend. Also, analysing user interactions and responses will provide data-driven insights that can help agents to further refine their marketing strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability,” says Sellers. “These elements also provide a competitive edge because embracing cutting-edge technology will showcase the agency as innovative and customer-centric, setting the agent apart from traditional marketing approaches.”

According to Sellers, in the ever-evolving estate agency landscape, harnessing the power elements such as Geotargeting is not just an option – it’s a strategic imperative. As pioneers in innovative proptech solutions, are excited to equip estate agents across the UK with the tools they need to drive success in their marketing efforts.

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