The Guild one of Agents Giving’s largest fundraising partners

The Guild of Property Professionals
The Guild of Property Professionals

The Guild of Property Professionals was acknowledged at the recent Agents Giving Charity Ball as one of the organisation’s largest fundraising partners for the grant fund scheme, an achievement the network is very proud of.

Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals and Agents Giving board member, says: “Agents Giving is an organisation that has done so much for the sector and suppliers, helping to support fundraising endeavours that will ultimately impact local communities in a positive way. We are very proud of our association and relationship we have with Agents Giving, and we are glad that The Guild can support them in supporting the sector.”

He adds that in 2020, The Guild pledged to donate £50 to Agents Giving for every successful referral completed. “We wanted to use the size of The Guild network to make a difference and support charitable causes that will improve people’s lives. With a network of approximately 800 independent estate agencies, the potential financial benefit could be significant. Initially we were driven by the financial impact the pandemic was having on charities and their growing need for additional support, however, with inflation and the cost of living now an issue, many charities are struggling and need assistance to keep doing the work they do. We hope that our contributions to Agents Giving will help more agents achieve their fundraising goals for those that need it most,” says McKenzie.

According to McKenzie, The Guild is currently work on an automated referral system that will increase the number of referrals within the network, which in turn will increase the contributions to Agents Giving. He adds that around 25% of leads are converted to instructions, of which 50% are completed. “The automated referral system will generate additional business for our network, while simultaneously supporting Agents Giving. The more completed referrals, the more money we will be able to contribute,” he comments.

David Newnes, Agents Giving Chairman, says: “We would like to say a tremendous heartfelt thank you to The Guild and their Members for their continued support to Agents Giving the Industry Charity.  Your donations will mean we can continue to help support the industries fundraising efforts through the Agents Giving Grand fund ensuring more of the money raised goes directly to even more UK charities on a national, regional, local and community level, especially during this difficult time when so many charities need additional support.”