The Fine & Country Foundation announces the 23 charities selected to receive funding in Autumn Grant Programme

The Fine & Country Foundation announces the 23 charities to receive funding in its most recent round of grants in the Autumn Grant Programme.

The Fine & Country Foundation is pleased to announce the 23 charities which will be allocated funding across 24 projects in its most recent round of grants in the Autumn Grant Programme 2023, totalling £47,220.

The Foundation’s Grant Programme is dedicated to offering financial assistance to non-profit organisations, focusing specifically on supporting charities in the UK and abroad in the ongoing battle against homelessness and poverty. Grants are distributed biannually, in Spring and Autumn, with Fine & Country offices worldwide encouraged to submit applications, nominating a charity for a donation of up to £3,000. The Foundation board carefully reviews these proposals, and successful projects are awarded grants.

In a time marked by rising inflation and increased living costs, charities dependent on donations have faced significant challenges. The grants from The Foundation play a crucial role in supporting these organisations, particularly as they contend with heightened demands during the festive season and colder months.

Jon Cooke, Trustee of the Fine & Country Foundation, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts within the Fine & Country network over the past year, resulting in funds that will positively impact lives globally. “The Foundation’s ability to support numerous charities and non-profit organisations is attributed to the network’s fundraising endeavours and generous donations received. These grants are a lifeline for organisations heavily reliant on funding, especially during the challenging period leading up to Christmas,” he comments.

Cooke emphasised that The Foundation has provided the Fine & Country network with a meaningful platform to give back, positively affecting numerous lives. With the network’s ongoing support, the Fine & Country Foundation has already contributed over £900,000 to worthy causes globally since its inception in 2014. Looking ahead, the Foundation aims to build on this success, with the ambitious goal of reaching £1,000,000 in donations to organisations in need in 2024, marking the 10th Anniversary of The Foundation.

The Foundation welcomes continued support from the public to sustain its mission of providing vital funding to charities in need. For more information about The Fine & Country Foundation or to nominate a local charity for assistance, individuals are encouraged to contact their local Fine & Country office or visit

Below is a list of the charities that received a grant during the Autumn Grant Programme:

The Four Streets Project       

Harrogate Homeless Project Ltd       

Crisis Skylight North East

Renewed Hope Trust

Nuneaton Foodbank

Helping Hands Community Project

The Amber foundation           

Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire

Pass it On

Freedom Community Alliance

Cambridge Women’s Refuge


New Beginnings Reading

Robes Project

The Three Pillars Feeding The Homeless

Helping Caring Team (HCT)

The Forge Project

Daylight Centre Fellowship

Off the Fence

The Hope Centre       


St. Petrocks (Exeter) Ltd       

Sutton Night Watch Homeless