Accelerator Programme inundated with innovator applicants Accelerator Programme inundated with innovator applicants

Since the launch of the Accelerator Programme just over a month ago, has had almost 50 applications from companies looking to launch their products and services through the programme. Gary Barker, Non-Executive Director at and Chief Investment Officer of the Accelerator Programme adds that the high number of applications received highlights and tangibly demonstrates the exceptionally strong demand for strategic and targeted investment support within the property technology sector.

Barker says that the Accelerator Programme, which is an investment arm funded by was designed to make it easier for innovators within the sector to launch their technology and connect it to a vast network of ready agents, with reliable and experienced advisors by their side who are invested in their success. “We have received applications from a number of various avenues within the sector, including sales, lettings, compliance, banking/payments, marketing and many others. The key feedback we have received from applicants is that working with would provide significant benefits, such as industry experience, target marketing to a network of over 2,100, direct board experience and strategic support and the ability to directly use the group’s resources, be that technology sales or operationally,” he adds.

According to Barker, is currently in the process of assessing the applications and selected the initial companies they will take forward. “So far we have spent well over 150 hours of direct engagement with all businesses and are in the process of making our initial selections. We are extremely interested in a high proportion of the applicants we have received and are aiming to proceed with the first phase of launches as soon as possible. We are making every effort to ensure we are making the best decision for both the applicants and our networks. Our aim is to bring truly innovative products and services to our networks to ensure we are at the forefront of PropTech development and compliance. Providing support to PropTech disruptors will allow us to continue drive progression within the sector, while providing our network with the opportunity to access the latest technological advancements in the industry,” he comments.

Barker says that a new investment manager with significant fund experience will be starting at to further accelerate growth and investments. “To able us to work with more applicants and progress the process faster we are growing our Accelerator Programme team. Through the Accelerator Programme and our growing team, we will be able to propel innovations through investment and will be able develop new and exciting technology for property businesses across our network,” Barker concludes.