New representatives elected to Fine & Country National Advisory Council

Premium estate agency brand, Fine & Country has elected new representatives to its National Advisory Council (NAC) who will be responsible for providing advice, suggestions, and guidance to top management on the future of the network. 

Every Fine & Country licensee is divided into one of eight regions throughout the UK, namely London, South West, South East, Wales, East Anglia, North West, Midlands and North East. NAC members are elected Licence Owners from each region, voted for by the offices within that region to represent them at the quarterly meetings in London and monthly video conferencing meetings. Serving for a period of two years, each member will be responsible for communicating the opportunities, challenges, and market conditions of the region to the NAC, as well as communicating the decisions made by the NAC back to the region at the regional meetings.  As the driving force of the network, their other duties are to promote, protect and advance the brand, identify new technologies and marketing initiatives in the industry, act as custodians of the national advertising fund (NAF), and, of course, debate and plan for challenges the licensees face.

Nicky Stevenson, MD of Fine & Country UK, says the role of the NAC is pivotal to the brand, ensuring that all decisions made represent and benefit the network. “We are fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge within the network and can draw on the decades of experience represented within the NAC. Through the feedback we receive, we can guide the brand forward in the best possible trajectory that will help us continue to expand and evolve in a way that will be beneficial to all our agents,” she comments.

Graham Wilson, National Advisory Chair, adds: “On behalf of the network we would like to thank the 2020 to 2022 NAC members who have given so much time and energy to represent the regions. Working with the Head Office team for the last two years, through challenging times, we have achieved so much and become a much closer and stronger network. It was with great sadness we lost our dear friend Napoleon Wilcox earlier in the year, one of the first Licensees and the first Chair of the NAC. We will also miss Mark Gilbertson as he steps down but look forward to him continuing his support from the side-lines.”

He continues, “Congratulations to those who have been elected to stand again for a further two-year term and welcome to our new NAC representatives. Another set of exciting challenges are coming but as a network that is stronger than ever before, we are more than prepared.”

The NAC members are:

Colin J Shairp – South East representative

James Cooper – South West representative

Ben Madden – London representative

Joe Parry – Wales representative

Simon Bradbury – East Anglia representative

Helen Miller – North West representative

Jan von Draczek – Midlands representative

Mark Manning – North East representative

Other key roles include Emilie Despois, the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer and Jonathan Handford, Non-Executive Director, both who will assist the NAC decision making process.

“With guidance from the NAC, Fine & Country will continue to innovate and adapt to ensure we continue to be among the fastest growing premium estate agency brands in the UK,” Stevenson concludes.