LeadPro integration widens the lead generation funnel

Sam Oliver, Founder of LeadPro

Founder of LeadPro and Chief Product Officer, Sam Oliver, says that over the past nine months, he has been working on creating a lead eco-system by integrating LeadPro with the various entities within the group, along with portals and social media.

“Within the last nine months the LeadPro platform has integrated with website providers Starberry and The Property Jungle, as well as live chat provider Yomdel, which means that any leads generated by these entities can now come through to the LeadPro dashboard. This is in additional to the platform’s integration with Facebook and all major property portals. Essentially what this means is that for the first time for many agents, we will be able to get all of their data from all of their sources into one centralised place,” adds Oliver.

He says that in addition to widening the lead funnel that feeds the dashboard, more has been done to the platform to ensure that the leads are nurtured and taken through the correct path once they have landed. “While there is already lead management technology within the LeadPro platform, additional work has been done within the system to elevate its lead nurturing capability through integration with multi-channel marketing provider, BriefYourMarket. LeadPro can now send all of the lead sources to BYM, so that those leads can be nurtured via a variety of marketing communications using email, social media and print. The data can also be sent to third party mortgages brokers, specifically we have integration with Trussle and Grange Mortgages. The third place the data can be sent is to the major CRMs such as MRI Qube, MRI Radar and Reapit,” Oliver comments.

According to Oliver, the goal is to try and be the ‘Holy Grail’ of proptech suppliers, where is able to handle all of an agent’s data from a variety of different sources and get it to wherever the agent needs to be. “It is about fully joining the dots up for the first time and providing a holistic approach to lead generation and nurturing, rather than having various platforms that don’t communicate with each other. In less than a year, have been able to fuse acquisitions and integrate the website technology with the lead management technology and live chat technology, all of which will be hugely beneficial for our customers. Together each of the various elements will be able to work cohesively to enhance the service we deliver to our clients,” he concludes.

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