Latest web application from Starberry set to enhance customer experience

One of the UK’s largest providers of real estate agency websites and lead generation technology and campaigns, Starberry, has recently developed and launched a web application that will enhance the customer’s experience during their property transaction, while increasing engagement with the estate agent’s website and brand. 

Ben Sellers, Co-Founder and CEO of Starberry, part of says: “We believe that the application, which is called Starberry My Account Enterprise, will vastly level up an agent’s current website by providing a personalised user journey for the customer. From experience, we know that when it comes to a customer’s journey, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ because each client has their unique set of criteria and workflow requirements. Once integrated into an agent’s website, Starberry My Account will be able to provide that customised journey, catering to the customer’s specific needs.”

What is Starberry My Account Enterprise?

Sellers explains that My Account Enterprise is a user-friendly web application for real estate agents to offer to sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants to keep them informed in real time, 24/7. The white-labelled application seamlessly integrates into an estate agent’s website design to create an exceptional user experience while keeping track of sales and lettings funnels, since all activities are written back into the agent’s Reapit CRM in real time. For example, when a customer is selling a property, it will automatically pull data from the CRM and display it in the Starberry My Account so homeowners can keep track of upcoming viewings and get timely feedback once a viewing has been completed. 

“Through the application, agents will be able to offer their customers complete transparency regarding their property transactions. As soon as a customer signs up or fills in any data capture form, a profile will be created so they can view property listings, receive real-time updates on their property transactions and even feedback and offers from recent viewings. This means that customers only have to enter their personal info once and agents can spend less time worrying about written follow-ups and reporting and more time focusing on what really matters – talking and meeting with customers,” says Sellers.

How do customers gain access to Starberry My Account Enterprise?

Sellers explains that customers will be able to sign up for Starberry My Account on the agent’s website via Google or Facebook social logins, or by entering their email and password to create a profile. “The first time someone signs up, the application asks several questions that can be tailored so that an agent will have other upselling opportunities. These questions may include the person’s reason for moving, whether they have a property to sell or whether they need a mortgage,” he adds. “After they have registered, they will be able to search for properties using filters such as location, price and number of bedrooms. This will give them the opportunity to learn more or Wishlist properties for later reference.” All of this search criteria is shared back into the CRM keeping Agent’s informed of their every move.

He continues: “The applicants receive WhatsApp notifications, in addition to emails, giving this web application more of a native iPhone or Android app feel, when new properties meet their ideal property criteria or to be informed about any timeline property related updates. They are also able to view recent and pending actions on their personal dashboard without having to search phone messages or scroll through endless emails. They receive feedback from sellers or buyers via an Inbox instead of waiting for phone calls or office visits. They can submit or receive offers, as well as schedule meetings or request a valuation, all while on the go.”

Why is Starberry My Account essential for an estate agent’s website?

According to Sellers, agents face countless challenges, from finding new customers to managing long-term relationships with existing customers and everything else in between. “My Account Enterprise is designed to make agent’s lives easier, because it maximises customer experience, transparency and productivity to meet the growing demands of new-gen estate agency customers. Simply delivered via a subdomain, this innovative web application enhances agents’ website design and development, packed with an array of features & functions that wow, attract and retain customers more easily than you thought possible. Starberry is all about helping estate agents provide an improved customer experience to achieve better results and ultimately dramatically increase transactions,” he concludes.