Introducing the SEO Pricing Calculator: Empowering Estates Agents with Data-driven Investment Insights

Ben Sellers announces Starberry's new SEO pricing calculator.

Starberry, a leading digital agency and a proud member of, is excited to unveil its latest innovation, the SEO Pricing Calculator. Specifically designed for estate agents, this cutting-edge tool provides valuable insights into the monthly SEO investment required to achieve success in a specific area. With its unique area/location focus and comprehensive analysis capabilities, the SEO Pricing Calculator is set to revolutionise the way estate agents strategise and allocate their SEO budgets.

Ben Sellers, Co-Founder of Starberry and Brand Director at, says that understanding the competitive landscape and estimating the right investment for SEO campaigns can be a daunting task. “That’s why the SEO Pricing Calculator has been developed to simplify this process and provide estate agents with guidance on the required monthly investment. By inputting the website URL and the main area of operation or a branch’s name, the calculator harnesses the power of data to deliver accurate estimates and actionable recommendations,” he adds.

According to Sellers, behind the scenes, the SEO Pricing Calculator utilises advanced connections to generate a comprehensive analysis of the given area. It automatically populates primary target keywords and search phrases for the specified location, allowing estate agents to gain valuable insights into their ranking positions on Google. Furthermore, the calculator identifies immediate competitors and top performers within the same area, providing a benchmark for the estate agent’s performance.

To deliver accurate estimates, the calculator leverages API requests to gather essential SEO metrics, including domain rating, number of referring websites, backlinks to landing pages, and page authority. With this information, it calculates the average differences in domain rating and the number of backlinks across the set of keywords. By considering these factors in relation to core SEO and local SEO requirements along with other search engine ranking factors, the calculator provides an estimated SEO investment recommendation.

It is essential to note that the SEO Pricing Calculator focuses on key aspects of SEO and offers estimations rather than definitive answers. As the digital landscape evolves, competition changes, and algorithmic updates occur, the suggested investment is intended as a guide rather than an absolute measure. However, the calculator equips estate agents with valuable insights to inform their SEO strategies and investments.

“The SEO Pricing Calculator is a game-changer for estate agents,” says Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at “We believe in empowering our clients with data-driven insights, and this tool embodies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions. By providing an estimation of the monthly SEO investment required, estate agents can make informed decisions and set realistic expectations for their digital marketing efforts.”

In conclusion, he says that as a long-term channel, SEO requires patience and perseverance. While results may not be immediate, investing in SEO can lead to significant long-term benefits for estate agents. On average, it takes one to one and a half years to witness the full fruition of SEO efforts. By utilising the SEO Pricing Calculator, estate agents can embark on a strategic journey to enhance their online visibility, attract targeted traffic, and drive sustainable growth in their respective areas.