Industry experts come together for The Guild’s new podcast series

On Wednesday, 15 June, The Guild of Property Professionals launches its new podcast series named The Home Stretch. Hosted by The Guild’s CEO, Iain McKenzie, co-hosted by Holly Hibbett, from the Network’s PR and Social Media team, the podcast will feature interviews with various industry experts talking about a variety of topics that have either a direct or indirect impact on the market and the property industry.

In the pilot episode, McKenzie sits down with property market analyst and CEO of Twindig, Anthony Codling, to discuss his views on the property market and what the historical data is telling us we can expect. “As a guest speaker at The Guild conference earlier this year, Anthony presented some very interesting data around house prices and the correlation between aspects such as inflation and transactional housing statistics. Given the current influences that are taking their toll on the economy, we wanted to invite Anthony onto the podcast as our first guest to discuss what he predicts will happen over the next while based on numbers,” says McKenzie.

He adds that upcoming episodes include a discussion between The Guild’s Compliance guru, Paul Offley and James Munro, Head of the National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT). During this episode the two discuss why the decision was made to make the changes surrounding the disclosure of material information. There is also an episode with outspoken industry controvert, Russel Quirk, discussing his solutions to the problems estate agents have with conveyancers and how the relationship can be improved, amongst other topics.

“The podcast is a great platform for The Guild to be able to engage with industry experts and discuss a number of topics that we think property professionals will find interesting. It is also an opportunity for us to discuss what we are passionate about, which is the property market and the people that work within the industry. We want the podcast to be as helpful and educational as it is engaging for our audience, opening up some interesting avenues of discussion with experts in their field,” says McKenzie.

He notes that new episodes of The Home Stretch will be released every Wednesday. To listen to the first episode entitled ‘Do interest rates drive the housing market?’ click on the either of the links below:
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