Increasing leads without increasing your workload

According LeadPro, an integrated lead generation and marketing platform, agents can increase their leads and potential revenue without adding to their workload, provided of course, they have the automated tools and processes in place.

Sam Oliver, CEO of LeadPro and Chief Product Officer of, says that often agents are time poor, so putting processes or tools in place that will help them to automatically prequalify leads will save time and will make their efforts more targeted. “Prequalifying sales and lettings leads means that agents will be able to filter what comes in and they will only be calling good leads, rather than all the leads. This will give agents time back to be able to focus on and nurture the good leads to ensure they come to fruition,” he adds.

In terms of generating more leads, Oliver says that the key is to automatically ask your sales viewing enquiries whether they have a house to sell or let, potentially turning one lead into two. “This can be done by sending the lead an automatic questionnaire via email. Around of third of the buyer’s that are contacting agents looking for a property, will themselves have a property that they will be putting on the market and approximately 10% will be buying a property to let it out. It is a way of turning your buyers enquiries into valuation leads. Doing this could potentially double an agent’s leads without them having to do any additional work or pay for new leads,” comments Oliver.

He contunies, “the LeadPro responder tool will automatically send a custom questionnaire to any enquires that come in to prequalify the lead and potentially turn it into more business. If agents do not have a tool that assists them with the process, at the very least they can use the automatic reply function on their email. We set an automatic reply when we are out of the office or on holiday, but why not use it as a business tool to potentially generate more leads. The reply could say: ‘To help us prioritise your enquiry, please can you tell us the following information’, followed by a list of questions regarding when they would like to move, whether they have a house to sell or let or any other information the agent would require. This would not be as effective as a dedicated tool such as LeadPro, but it would be a start and it is readily accessible.”

According to Oliver, another way that agents can elevate their lead generation, is through effective Facebook advertising. “If agents aren’t already doing it, paid ads on Facebook can be a really impactive and cost-effective way of taking their lead generation to the next level. Rather than spending money on generating leads through the portals or a telesales company, agents would get more value out of spending their money on Facebook ads, which are really effective and will only cost around £90 per valuation lead,” he advices.

Oliver says that if agents decide to use Facebook advertising, there are a few sure-fire tips that they help them get the most out of their campaign:

Don’t run ads asking directly to carry out valuations

Rather than ads that ask to carry out valuations, send leads an instant valuation tool which gives them added value from the outset and will help build trust between the potential vendor and your brand.

Use the area you are targeting at the beginning of the ad copy

Facebook made some big changes to property ads in December 2021. It recommended that the area is mentioned at the beginning of the ad copy to improve targeting. Adding local imagery of landmarks of properties will also enhance the ad.

Don’t set a daily budget of less than £5 per day

Your daily spend needs to be at least £5 a day to ensure that you get the desired results and that Facebook optimises the ads. With £5 ad spend a day, you can expect to reach between 500 and 1,000 people, which should result in around 20 to 60 leads a month depending on your location.

Set up an email and SMS nurture campaign

Only around 10% to 20% of your Facebook leads will be looking to book in a valuation in the next month. The rest won’t be ready immediately but that doesn’t mean they are ‘poor quality’, they just need to be nurtured. By setting up an automated email/sms sequence you can keep your brand top of mind as they make the decision to sell. On average it takes a minimum of eight touch points for a potential vendor to book a valuation so you need to ensure your building a relationship by providing value packed information.

Test different ad copy styles

It’s vital to test lots of different ad copy variant and ad content to work out which performs best. Try longer form vs short form copy, emojis vs no emojis to see which performs best with your audience. Test different hooks to draw your audience in to learn more. Open ended questions are a great way to peak your audience’s interest and build intrigue.

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