Hampton Hall – Super Prime Property launches with NFT

Hampton Hall - Super Prime Property launches with NFT

Premium estate agency, Fine & Country Richmond have recently been instructed on Hampton Hall, a unique super prime residence which can either be built in the private Crown Estate in Oxshott, Surrey or anywhere in the world that the buyer chooses. On the market for £29 million, developers and architects of the extraordinary property, Stately Homes have exclusive rights to the designs of the property, making it a one-of-a-kind home.

Sean Barrett, Managing Director of Fine & Country Richmond, says that the super prime property is an architectural masterpiece that blends modern materials and technology with classical design and traditional craftmanship. “This spectacular home offers over 29,116 square feet of bespoke design that pays homage to a period of historical English architecture that is rarely seen. Stately Homes have designed the home to make a statement and inspire a feeling of awe, which it does with ease. Every aspect of the home breathes a sense of opulence, from its 380 feet frontage and Corinthian fluted columns to its vast array of magnificent rooms catering for dinner parties, guests, family, and entertainment. No expense has been spared to create a property that is monument to stately architecture, while still offering a comfortable home that serves generations,” he adds.

Barrett says that in addition to the physical property being listed, as the home is a unique one-off design, Hampton Hall will also be turned into a non-fungible token (NFT), making it possibly one of the first super prime real estate NFT to be launched anywhere in the world. “While Hampton Hall might be among the first, I believe it certainly won’t be one of the last super prime properties to be launched as an NFT, as there are several leading agents in the US who are openly working on huge projects. Purchasing NFTs and buying property within the metaverse has gained traction recently among early-adopter investors looking for a way to further diversify their investment portfolios. Despite the recency of the metaverse innovation, according to a recent poll in YouGov, 29% of the population think that being able to own digital assets such as NFTs or virtual property and land in the Metaverse is a huge opportunity. High-net worth individuals, as well as celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton have started purchasing real estate parcels for themselves in virtual worlds such as The Sandbox and Roblox. I believe that just as owning an amazing property such as Hampton Hall in real life would be a status symbol, so would owning a super prime property in the virtual world,” he comments.

According to CNBC virtual property prices have gone up by as much as 500% since Facebook’s transition to Meta. “There is a desire for virtual property, which is pushing up prices. Much like the surging demand we have seen in the property market over the past two years, the demand for virtual property and land continues to grow and we will likely see more and more virtual replica’s being built of real-world properties. However, perhaps none as grand as Hampton Hall. Stately Homes have spent several years in producing the design of Hampton Hall and every single item down to the hand towels have been replicated in the virtual version,” says Barrett. “Whether in the real world or the virtual one, Hampton Hall is an architectural masterpiece,” he concludes.

Hampton Hall will be launched via OpenSea, a marketplace for NFT’s with buyers able to register their interest in advance of the full launch.

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