Fine & Country presents Masterclass Series: Mastering Fee Maximisation

Fine & Country, the premium estate agency, is delighted to announce its upcoming Masterclass Series

Premium estate agency hosts Masterclass Series to enhance revenue strategies

Fine & Country, the premium estate agency, is delighted to announce its upcoming Masterclass Series, focused on the art of maximising fees and boosting additional revenue. Set to take place in both London and Manchester, this exclusive series will provide estate agents a unique opportunity to learn from prominent industry experts. These experts will share invaluable strategies to help agents dominate the prime property market in their respective regions, all while maintaining competitive fees and upfront marketing contributions.

Nicky Stevenson, Managing Director of Fine & Country, expressed her enthusiasm about the event, saying, “Once again, agent within our network will have the privilege of learning from top agents within the brand who have excelled in their respective prime property markets. Our network is fortunate to include agents willing to divulge the secrets of their success, fostering a community of learning and growth within the prime sector. This collaboration only serves to strengthen the Fine & Country brand.”

A highlight of the series will be Jonathan Handford, Managing Director of Fine & Country Leamington Spa. Handford, an accomplished international speaker, coach, trainer, and estate agent, is dedicated to the luxury property segment. He will unveil his comprehensive six-point plan designed to assist agents in securing more instructions at the fees they rightfully deserve.

Joining him on the platform is Vanessa Bradford, Branch Partner at Fine & Country Droitwich Spa. Bradford will reveal the strategies that enabled her team to conquer the prime market in Worcestershire while upholding elevated fees and upfront marketing contributions.

The inaugural session of the Masterclass Series is scheduled for Thursday, September 28th in Manchester, followed by a subsequent session on Friday, September 29th in London. Stevenson stated, “We are thrilled to host this Masterclass Series, offering agents an invaluable platform to exchange best practices that will empower them to make greater strides within their markets and potentially increase their fees. Building on the success of our previous Masterclass sessions, this series exemplifies our commitment to providing our network with opportunities to learn and gain insights from established professionals who have revolutionised their market sectors. The tried-and-true methodologies unveiled at the Masterclass Series will further equip our agents to expand their businesses, establishing them as the preferred choice for premium estate agency services within the upper quartile of their respective markets.”