Fine & Country Foundation opens Autumn Grant Programme for charitable nominations

Fine & Country Foundation opens Autumn Grant Programme for charitable nominations

The Fine & Country Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its Autumn Grant Programme, set to begin accepting applications on 1 October 2023. This highly anticipated initiative is a significant milestone in The Foundation’s calendar, providing a vital opportunity for local homeless charities to secure essential funding. Following the success of last year, where over £80,000 was awarded to charities both in the UK and overseas through two rounds of the Grant Programme, the organisation aims to surpass this total in 2023.

The Fine & Country Foundation’s Autumn Grant Scheme represents a crucial opportunity for the network to nominate charities and non-profit organisations in the UK and abroad in need of financial support. In the face of the current economic instability and the increasing pressures felt across the nation, this year’s Autumn Grants have the potential to make a more significant impact than ever before.

Jon Cooke, Trustee of the Fine & Country Foundation, emphasised the Grant Scheme’s focus on providing financial support to non-profit organisations, particularly those dedicated to combating homelessness and poverty. Cooke stated, “Grants are issued in Spring and Autumn, with Fine & Country offices worldwide encouraged to submit applications nominating a charity of their choice to receive a donation of up to £3,000. These proposals undergo rigorous review by The Foundation’s board, and successful projects are awarded grants. The financial assistance provided to these charities will supply much-needed funds to continue their vital work within their communities.”

Cooke expressed gratitude to the Fine & Country network, its partners, and customers for their unwavering support. He said, “Fine & Country agents work tirelessly throughout the year to secure donations in support of The Foundation and its efforts to combat homelessness and poverty. The network continually devises creative fundraising initiatives, including Tough Mudders, skydives, and even a swim across the English Channel, to name a few. The support The Foundation provides would not be possible without the incredible dedication of the Fine & Country network.”

Cooke acknowledged that, with the cost-of-living crisis placing added financial strain on many charitable organisations, the Grant Scheme could serve as a lifeline during this period of uncertainty. He remarked, “It’s undeniable that many non-profit organisations are feeling the impact of rising expenses, which, in turn, may affect their ability to carry out their critical work effectively. While a grant may not solve all their challenges, we hope it will set them in the right direction and have a positive impact on their local communities.”

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