Fine & Country expands global marketing presence

Emilie Despois, Chief Marketing Officer for Fine & Country

Premium estate agency, Fine & Country has partnered with ListGlobally to feature all of their UK property listings on 106 international portals worldwide. According to the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer, Emilie Despois, the partnership will support the brand’s international growth and marketing strategy, while increasing the UK network’s exposure to an international audience.

“From October 2022 our agents will have access to ListGlobally’s management system allowing them to feed their UK property listings through to a network of 106 international portals, which will expose their properties to approximately 295 million buyers across 54 countries. To ensure that as many people as possible can read the property descriptions, the information will be automatically translated into the appropriate language for the country, with the system currently supporting over 25 languages. This will provide massive exposure to listings, as well as the brand, on a worldwide level,” says Despois. 

The UK property market has always attracted the interest of international buyers. An analysis from the Centre for Public Data showed a steady increase in the number of overseas buyers over the past 10 years, with 250,000 residential properties in England and Wales registered to individuals based overseas, which amounts to approximately one percent of the total housing stock. This is compared to less than 88,000 homes in 2010.

“Fine & Country already has an international presence with plans to continue global growth. We recently launched our new global website, improving customers’ experience, website performance and brand exposure around the globe. We are working on further brand exposure through international marketing, which will open further opportunities for our UK based network, while paving the way for expansion and building brand recognition in countries we currently don’t yet have an office in,” Despois concludes.