Enhancing Business Efficacy in Lettings Sector: The Power of Proptech Integration

Richard Combellack discusses how proptech integration can help lettings agents.

In the competitive lettings market, efficiency and effective communication are vital for success. Lettings agents need to streamline their processes and engage with potential tenants and landlords seamlessly. This is according to Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at BriefYourMarket, part of, who adds that there are a number of innovative proptech tools that can help lettings agents to automate key tasks, such as applicant qualification, data collection, and improved communication, ultimately enhancing overall productivity and client satisfaction.

Combellack explores a few ways that lettings agents can integrate proptech into their business, to make them more efficient:

Streamlining Applicant Qualification

“Proptech elements such as Lead Pro and Yomdel Chatbot provide an efficient solution for automating tenant applicant enquiries. With the autoresponder, inquiries from various portals and chat platforms can be promptly addressed. These automated responses can then ask qualifying questions that mimic the process of a lettings negotiator. By doing so, a reduced list of qualified applicants can be generated, saving time and effort for agents,” says Combellack.

“Furthermore, the autoresponder and chatbot can be utilised for cross-selling opportunities, presenting additional services such as rent protect insurance policies during the qualification process. This approach enhances revenue generation and maximises the potential of each interaction with prospective tenants,” he adds.

Eliminating Phone-Based Qualification

According to Combellack, by leveraging Lead Pro and Yomdel Chatbot, lettings agents can turn off their phones and redirect calls to an automated system. Text messages sent to prospective applicants can include a link to the qualifying questions, completely removing the need for phone-based qualification. This automation significantly streamlines the applicant qualification process and frees up agents’ time to focus on more crucial tasks.

Identifying New Landlord Opportunities

Combellack notes that the proptech products can also assist in gathering valuable landlord intelligence. “During the qualification process, Lettings Agents can utilise the automated system to identify if applicants are currently tenants elsewhere or if they have potential vendor opportunities. This valuable information can be used to target specific landlord segments and increase the likelihood of successful engagements,” he comments.

Efficient Data Building

Finding new landlords is a crucial aspect of a letting agent’s success. Combellack says that Lead Pro offers an intelligent solution for this task. “By performing a land registry lookup, the system automatically checks if the title owner is already present as a contact in the agent’s database. If contact details such as email or phone numbers are available, agents can seamlessly connect with potential landlords. Additionally, the system identifies potential investor landlords, enabling focused outreach efforts and improved efficiency in acquiring new landlords,” Combellack notes.

Effective Communication with Tenants and Landlords

According to Combellack, integration with tools like BriefYourMarket and Dataloft empowers lettings agents to communicate with tenants and landlords at key milestones. “Automated journeys can be set up to trigger messages related to re-mortgaging for landlords or opportunities to cross-sell services like rent protection or media and utilities to tenants. By delivering timely and relevant information, agents can enhance engagement, foster client loyalty, and maximise revenue potential,” he adds.

Rory Black from Dataloft Inform, comments: “Landlords are already knowledgeable about the property market and only want to work with agents who can demonstrate that they know even more. Agents who regularly email local rental market insights via our integration with BriefYourMarket and who are informed about the market, will have an edge over their competition.”

“In the fast-paced lettings market, proptech elements such as Lead Pro and Yomdel provide indispensable tools for enhancing business efficacy. Through streamlined applicant qualification, cross-selling opportunities, efficient data building, and improved communication, lettings agents can optimise their operations, save time, and increase revenue. By harnessing the power of automation and intelligent data integration, agents can gain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional service in the dynamic lettings industry,” Combellack concludes.