An Autumn of innovation across Fine & Country

Jon Cooke, Founder of Fine & Country

Founder of premium estate agency Fine & Country, Jon Cooke, says within the coming months the brand will see the biggest technological innovation since its inception 21 years ago. He adds that this month the brand has launched its new website which includes a lead management and nurture platform, with plans underway to launch its Referral System in the months ahead.

“Essentially the network will have access to a technologically advanced lead generation and nurture platform with the new website at its core. Over the past two years has acquired and aligned itself with lead generation and proptech innovators to ensure that we are able to continue to create products and services that enhances our network of agents. As an international premium estate agency brand, we wanted to ensure that our Fine & Country licensees had the proptech tools at their disposal to be able to harness the power of being a part of an established, recognisable brand, interacting with property professionals in various sought-after locations to attract buyers and sellers looking for upmarket properties,” says Cooke.

He notes that the new website, which was developed by Starberry, one of the UK’s largest providers of retail agency website and lead generation technology, has been developed with an international market in mind, allowing customers to easily search for properties around the globe in the language of their choice. Integrated into the new website will be the lead management system powered by LeadPro, which will allow agents to both track and nurture leads, supporting the new Referral System, which will pass on out-of-area leads automatically, increasing the potential number of instructions gained by the network. It is various innovative proptech tools working symbiotically to create a cohesive lead generation platform which will benefit the network and customers alike.

He says that while the lead management system will initially role out to UK based licensees, the plan is to extend the management system to international licensees. “The new lead management system will enable Fine & Country licensees within the UK to track their Service Level Agreement (SLA) of how quickly they respond to buyers and valuation enquiries. This will have a huge impact on the customer service licensees are able to provide, as they will consistently be able to track and improve their engagement with all customer types,” says Cooke.

He adds that not only will the website be generating and sharing more leads through referral system, but the BriefYourMarket plug in will nurture leads ensuring they are following the correct process so that they are not lost. “There is a lot of data from portals that suggests it can take around three months to go from an enquiry through to instruction. If an agent does not have a nurture system in place, which includes multiple contacts points and following up calls throughout the three-month period, they are likely to lose the business. Integrating technology that will assist agents to nurture the lead will ensure that they do not miss out and are able to maximise the conversion of the leads received, which will be a huge plus for the Fine & Country network,” says Cooke.

He adds that the various proptech elements will work together to make it easier for Fine & Country agents to engage with their customers, while simultaneously delivering an enhanced customer service journey. “Agents will also be able to use their own CRM, as the technology will be able to integrate with most CRM systems within the sector,” Cooke comments.

“We will continue to enhance the products and services we provide the Fine & Country network, pushing innovation and seeking ways that will help our network to grow and thrive within the premium sector,” he concludes.