Software Development Manager


United Kingdom

The nurtur. group is a diverse group of businesses brought together on the basis of holistically delivering maximum potential growth to Estate and Letting Agents.  

Using both our unique bespoke software and cleverly designed strategic marketing packages, we generate, and nurture leads for our clients to capitalise and expand their market share. 

Job Opportunity:  

Join Us in Leading and Empowering Excellence. Play a key role in shaping our cutting-edge ecosystem of integrated technology solutions that empower businesses to connect with their existing or potential customers in meaningful ways by harnessing the power of data and technology.

Our vision at Nurtur.Tech is to be the undisputed global leader in technology solutions for the homeowner and home-mover industries.

We envision a future where our ecosystem serves as the cornerstone of industry growth, setting the standard for innovation and seamless integration. By leveraging the unparalleled potential of data, we aim to create an holistic environment where our customers thrive, and experience undeniable value. As we expand our footprint into new markets and evolve our integrations, we envision a world where our ecosystem can enable any business connected to homeowners and home-movers, regardless of nation, to elevate their revenue, and achieve unrivalled success.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential:

As the Software Development Manager at Nurtur.Tech, you won’t just manage teams – you’ll be a catalyst for personal growth and innovation. Your role is pivotal in leading, inspiring, and guiding multiple teams of exceptional software engineers across multiple domains. We’re looking for someone who not only drives Agile values and DevOps excellence but also places a premium on nurturing each team member’s potential.

What You’ll Do:

  • Lead with Purpose: Your leadership isn’t just about tasks; it’s about people. You’ll foster a collaborative culture where every individual thrives, innovates, and contributes.
  • Personal Growth Champion: Your passion for development goes beyond code. You’ll craft career paths, identify training needs, and empower team members to reach their fullest potential.
  • Recruitment Maestro: You’ll play a pivotal role in identifying top talent globally, building diverse teams that enhance creativity and innovation.
  • Organizational Excellence: You won’t just manage, but optimize processes that amplify efficiency, ensuring your teams have the support they need.
  • Nurtur.Tech Academy Leadership: As a key figure in our upcoming Academy, you’ll shape the learning journey for new and existing team members, driving our commitment to continuous education.
  • Collaborative Synergy: Partnering with the Head of Software Development, Head of Agile Delivery, and Product Owners, you’ll co-create strategies that ensure seamless coordination, effective communication, and holistic project success.
  • Shared Leadership: While you’re a central figure, success won’t be shouldered by you alone. You’ll work collaboratively with leadership and fellow managers to create an ecosystem of support.

What We’re Looking For:

  • People-Centric Approach: You understand that technology thrives through people. Your interpersonal skills and empathy elevate not just projects, but lives.
  • Leadership Trailblazer: You have a proven track record in leading software engineering teams, instilling Agile values, and fostering an environment of continuous improvement.
  • Passion for Growth: Your dedication to individual growth propels you to identify strengths, areas for development, and provide guidance to help team members soar.
  • Talent Magnet: You’re adept at recognizing top-tier talent that doesn’t just fit the role but enriches the team’s diversity and innovation.
  • Organizational Extraordinaire: Your knack for optimizing processes ensures smooth operations, resource allocation, and seamless collaboration.

Why Choose Nurtur.Tech:

  • Leadership Playground: Shape the future not only of tech solutions but of careers and talents.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Join a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative environment where ideas are celebrated, and innovation thrives.
  • Global Footprint, Local Reach: Work remotely or on-site, with a diverse team spanning continents, united by a common vision.
  • Career Growth: Elevate your career as you elevate others. Your impact extends to your professional journey.
  • Empowerment & Flexibility: We empower you to manage with a balance between autonomy and support.
  • Nurtur.Tech Academy: Lead our educational charge, nurturing learning that enriches our teams and drives industry progress.